another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 20 June 2010

caught up with my mate glen aka 'midnight' today at the chopper club 'peaks' show, good to see him up and about after his serious accident last year, some dozy tart knocked him off his bmw ride-to-work bike and he was badly injured, today he was superstylin' on his s+s rigid chop, he filled me in about getting caught by the o.b. in snottingham, [glen's originally from snottingham but i ain't going to hold it against him as he now resides in god's own county], nottingham have those trick camera's that can measure your average speed between them, he got caught on the third camera, realised he'd been sussed and flicked the middle digit at the camera, two weeks later, summons hit's the doormat, he decides to represent himself at court, everythings going great then the o.b. produce a film of midnight speeding down the roads, realising he's been collared and flicking them the bird, so, he stands up in court and says 'that could be any one of the hundred or so black guys in nottingham who rides a rigid shovelhead chopper, prove it's me', the two coppers are livid, the magistrates decide no case to be answered and award him his costs, beautiful!


  1. theres a guy down our way called grag has a bit of a lisp not a hard driver kinda guy that wears jeans under his leathers but anyways got caught doing 110mph on a tundercat ,judge calls him to the witness box and greg says he was just trying to clear the carbs out and walks out a free man not even a fine.its a bit like the outlaw josse wells over here mob rule !