another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 9 May 2010

got cabin-fever today after spending all day in the shed working on the racer so phoned dangerous sunday afternoon to see if he fancied a quick ride out, three pm and we are down to the lion garage to fuel up and off, i'm trying hard to behave but dangerous is behind me showing me his front wheel on every bend, i'm not getting drawn today, nice steady ride, into matlock for a quick brew, it's chilly for may and we decide to head towards ashbourne via carsington reservoir, i love that long right/left combo before you gun it onto the straight, the high banking of the reservoir on your left bouncing back the exhaust note, dangerous gives it the big one and i have to drop a gear to give chase, we turn left towards hulland ward and there's six inches of water on the road where the water board are mending a leak, great, have to clean the bike now when i get home, glance in the mirror and the ducati is no where to be seen, pull up and wait, too long, i spin round in the road and go back, there he is sitting on the bike shrugging his shoulders, helmet off, 'what's up mate?', 'dunno, just died on me right in the middle of the frigging water' says dangerous, i press the starter button, trtrtrtrtrtrtrtr, 'batteries dead mate', the aa man is about 40 minutes, 'ducati ey?, second worse bike in the world for breaking down' he says, 'what's the first' says dave, he smirks and nods at the sporty, 'got to get a recovery vehicle, be about an hour', we wait and the recovery vehicle arrives, i'm impressed, we are on a minor country road in the middle of the peak district and an aa man turns up, he's from leeds, turns out he tracked us from daves mobile phone signal, spooky, the bikes on the back of the truck and away home in less than ten minutes, moral? don't buy cheap-ass chinese batteries and throw that phone in the river because their watching you.

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