another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 17 April 2010

old school, me and barse at the heart of england mag rally, early '90's i think, we were away most weekends then, we used to start early march and finish off end of october, neither of us had cars back then, ride to work, work to ride, my beemer started life as a metropolitan police bike then a despatch bike, i bought it as a crash damaged wreck off ammo for 250 quid and re-built it like this, still got the plod tank on with the recess for the radio, nobby made me the rack for the tank lid like the old triumphs, rg 5oo mudguard, bates headlight, lc350 bars, lucas back light mounted on a trailer 'guard and sprayed black, got the pink badges made at local signwriters, the bike was eventually tuned by the legendary jim cray and ended up as a wicked cafe racer before i sold it to a bloke in lincoln, it's still going, bought by a french geezer, he wrote me to find out the details, thanks for the photo barse.

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