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Thursday, 1 April 2010

'meeting joe strummer', derby assembly rooms, april, 13th and 14th, i'll be there, it's easy to dismiss the clash as being 'journo-manufactured-punk- for-the-masses', if you think that then you weren't down the front, covered in gob at the kings hall derby during the 'give 'em enough rope tour', i was, the clash were always a peoples band, even after they split i went to see mick jones's big audio dynamite at the town and country club in north london, midweek gig, up early, work, down to laahndahn', gig, back very early hours of the morning, bed for two minutes and work, shift done, back on the train to see jesus and mary chain at leicester de-montford hall, back on the train, early hours, can't afford a taxi, walk home, bed for four minutes, get up go to work, 'stay free'.

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