another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 10 April 2010

lil' slugger, baseball stuffed into the bellmouth on my sporty, me and dangerous did a nice 120 mile ride this afternoon, first 'real' warm spring day, dry roads, not much traffic, only one police 'accident prevention camera', [111 motorcycle deaths on derbyshire roads last year, too many wifes without husbands, kid's without dad's and family's heartache, when you look into it like i did most were 'single vehicle' accidents, not dozy fucking motorists pulling out on some poor. unsuspecting bike rider but the bike rider losing control of their bike and crashing into walls or similar due to either lack of experience or reckless riding], one life lost is too many but i heard a story this week that really got my goat, a mate of mine has been stopped by derbyshire plod three times in as many weeks, they ran his details through the pnc before stopping him and knew he was legal, he was taxed, insured and had current mot, when they pulled him over they asked him if they thought he may be 'contributing to the death and accident toll on derbyshire roads due to the fact that he wasn't wearing conspicous clothing?', they then gave him a hi-vis jacket with the legend' be safe-be seen' emblazoned upon it and a day-glo rucksack bearing the same message! boycott derbyshire roads at the weekend, you are going to get done for minor stuff like visors, exhausts and numberplates, ride the great roads mid-week or late afternoon, fuck 'em and their laws.

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