another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 21 March 2010

sunday morning and me and the dogs are on a decent walk, ted is ten yards ahead as usual, gus is running from side to side taking in all the rabbit scents, me, i'm trying to pace my stride between the sleepers, the ballast on the track is just a little to chunky to be comfortable underfoot, this is the old railway line that ran from the pit at denby into derby where it met the mainline to feed coal to the big powerstations, the one at willington is gone now, just the cooling towers left, all the generators gone, another community with the heart ripped out, i'm old enough to remember the miners strike, i was a pipe fitter welder back in the day, working on the hospital at doncaster royal infirmary, we used to get stopped by the old bill every day, the firm i worked for was based in, [excuse me while i clear my throat and hack a right royal greeny up and spit on the floor], nottingwankshitham, the o.b saw this on the side of the van with the notts phone number and pulled us over because they thought we were pickets, why, i don't know, the south yorkshire miners were probably the most militant of the lot, can't forgive what happened back then, dad's against sons, brothers against brothers, scargill v thatcher and at the end of it families ripped apart, pit's shut and life would never be the same again for a lot of us.

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