another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

rocket ron haslam on mal carter's pharaoh yamaha, ron lives up the road from me, he comes into work quite regularly, always been one of my racing heroes, a proper bloke, no air's and graces, been in the shed sorting the tank out tonight, that stuff is proper toxic, swilling it about and concentrating on covering all the inside of the tank, dangerous looks at me in disgust and says 'get the fucking door open you plank, you don't know what's in that shit', i tell him not to worry, the fairy's will open the door and the big toad will fan the nasty fumes out and we can sit down and have a nice cup of tea with the queen of diamonds, see i think he worries too much me.....


  1. Is that the same toad that kept knocking on our teant all night at Team Lard

  2. pheeew!, never been to bed that early before mate!, remember dancing to 'on a plain' by nirvana and getting frosty glances from the 'bro's'?