another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 March 2010

never really got sidecar racing, used to watch it between the solo's but never really interested, they were just bloke's who couldn't ride a solo and needed three wheels because they couldn't race on two, then i went to the island, the girlfriend at the time was pissed with me all week resulting in the infamous friday night piss-up with the paddy's, decided to watch the day's racing at the highlander pub, i lay on the floor at the entrance to the pub car park and heard this noise, it got louder, growing as it came closer, then, in the distance, a white and blue thing hurtling towards me, jock taylor and benga johanson, benga flat out on what i can only describe as a large tea tray, as the outfit bounced over the bumps the rev's rose, jock hanging on and trying to control the bucking and weaving machine, then, for a few seconds, i understood what the sidecar racers were all about.

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