another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 7 March 2010

my smart-ass daughter jess was mucking about on the computer the other night and came up with this design for a loveless football shirt, [this is the back, the front has a 'loveless' oval badge over the left breast and a #51 on the right hand sleeve], i know it's early days, not even built the bike yet never mind raced it but, i'm up for it if there's enough interest, let me know your thoughts, cheers, oh yeah, talking football, went up to pride park for rams v watford yesterday, not a classic by any means but we won two-nil, watford came to spoil the game and get a point or perhaps nick it but we were just too strong all over the park, i know we won but i came away feeling a little dissapointed, derby just looked a little too casual for my liking, the hard work ethic of previous games was missing and all too easy it would have been to turn three points into one or even none.

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