another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 4 March 2010

jesse james, love him or hate him he builds some great bikes, this is a model of one of them, the 'vanilla guerilla', yeah, he gets some stick, he's a celebrity with a rock-star lifestyle, but, he can build bikes, can you? or are you one of those 'kool' fuckers who reads 'dice', reads the 'jockey journal', grows a caveman beard and hunts down cut-off levi jackets in charity shops? are you one of those who raids other peoples blogs for 'authentic' chopper photo's and pretends you were there back in the day, [even though you are actually twenty-two years old?], don't slag off those who have been there and done that, get your hands dirty and jump in the pool or fuck off and play with your skateboard, [vintage of course, like mine, got mine off one of the original venice beach dogtown crew, i've been there, have you?]

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