another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 11 March 2010

after we stripped the old layers of paint off the racer tank we discovered holes in the seams where the condensation in the tank had lay for years slowly eating the steel away, basically, it was only the generous layers of paint which was keeping the petrol in, not good, kev tigged up the biggest of the holes but reported that the metal was really thin and recommended we use a repair kit to make sure it was fuel-proof, sent off for a kit from frost auto supplies after a chat with one of the old geezers who restores classic cars in the village, 'can't go wrong with it youth if you follow instructions', i'm still sceptical, i've followed the cleaning and acid etching stages to the letter, got to let tank dry out completely before adding the sealant, stay tuned, i'll let you know if i'm going to be scouring e-bay, or, if it's any good.

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