another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 February 2010

choose life, choose debt, choose no family time, choose no fucking money, choose debt, choose sleepless nights, choose headaches, choose stress, choose long nights in the shed, choose lockwire, choose loctite, choose second hand sweaty leathers, choose dog-tags, choose paddock stands, choose duct tape, i chose racing, these are the cylinder head and barrel fins i cut off the engine, as they fell onto the bench they seemed to be saying something to me.............


  1. Welcome aboard #51....That's just how i felt this time last year!
    Come to think of it, my bike's still in bits and i'm the same today.....But......When the red lights go out, it all makes sense again :)

  2. des, thanks for your support mate, really appreciate that, thought i was the only one who was struggling and had the impression everyone else had their bikes built, fettled and ready to race, only just realised that you had left your number, will give you a ring to compare notes!, take care, loveless.

  3. Call anytime,no worries.
    I'd bet that the majority of Zedders are still beavering away at this years 'improved' model.
    Mine's been evolving slowly with slight changes after every outing. I had planned a major 'secret' overhaul during the winter! but with less than 3 weeks to go to the first meeting i think it'll be last Novembers incarnation that will be appearing at Brands.
    Just a thought but if yours isn't ready there's a possibility that one of the club renta's may be available for the Brands meeting!