another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 4 February 2010

barse nipped a little job up in the week, that's his sporty front end leaning against the radiator on the right, he's gone for my tip about fitting a brembo caliper to improve his brakes and managed to score a pair of ducati treble nines off e-bay for £60, [bastard], needed to make a mounting bracket up for the fork leg, i already had the steel pattern made up for the calipers i fitted to my bike so dave knocked one up in a couple of hours out of a nice piece of dural, barse shamed us in to having a bit of a clean up, both dangerous and i are pretty methodical but when we are building we tend to go our own ways and leave the shed in a right mess, sometimes we don't even talk, head down doing our own thing, sometimes we have full blown rows triggered by the most petty thing, the other night he came in and put 5-live on the radio when i was trying to catch up with the archers on radio four, we almost came to blows, i kid you not.

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