another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 1 January 2010

you can't have fluids dripping all over the race track so the regs state that you have to have a suitable catch tank to collect them in, this is the bottom of the frame where i cut off the original footpeg and centre stand mountings off, blank this off and you have a perfect catch tank.


  1. Hey Loveless, brilliant site Boyo, i've been watching your progress and i have to take my hat off, you're way ahead of anything i could dream of doing.
    I'm not poking my nose in but please,please,please check with the club technical bods before welding anything onto your frame!
    I've only just finished my novice year so ain't the most knowledgeable.
    Hopefully will meet you at Brands in March!
    All the best
    Des Mz#42

  2. des, thanks for your comments mate, steve cannon, the guy who is doing my porting work, is on the bmzrc technical commitee and i have checked that the mods are ok,respect due to you that you have a season's racing under your belt, i wil have to get some advice off you, the nearer it get's the more nervous i'm getting,don't know if i will make the brands meeting in march as a racer, this bloody thing is fighting me all the way and i don't know if i will have the bike ready, keep in touch, loveless.