another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 4 December 2009

me and dangerous have been to the bike show at the nec today, strange day out, met some really interesting people and some total wankers, some really nice bikes but you had to search them out, this is one of them, rudge, four-valve single.


  1. gary, we were looking for a front disc for the racer project, i want a 320mm full floater but due to the unusual pcd of the disc we are not going to get something to bolt straight on, so we were asking various people if we could measure up the discs to see if there was enough stock on the carrier to drill to suit the mounting, the guy's on the harris stand were really helpful and gave us some good advice, other people worth a mention were speedycom and wheelhouse tyres who bent over backwards to help, the wankers was a fat bloke on the busters stand who said 'i can't be arsed to open up 50 boxes for you, what model is it for', and he just looked into the distance when i tried to explain, what's a matter with them?, they spend a fortune for a stand then don't want to sell you anything!, the other classic was when dangerous asked some snotty tart on the ducati stand why they had only two bikes on display and she said 'these are the new models, if you want to see the rest of the range go to your local dealer!', look bitch, it's just cost me eight quid to park my car and twenty quid to get in, i demand the right to sit on your shiny bikes and leave grubby fingerprints and dribble all over them!