another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 2 November 2009

mz racer, brilliant, less than 15bhp in east german commuter standard form but considerably more in converted racer reincarnation, i looked up the rules and it's a great way of getting on the track for real rather than risking your road bike on a track-day. frames can have material removed to make it lighter but nothing can be welded to it, the subframe has to remain standard and the original tank has to be used and that's it, anything else goes, you can use different forks, wheels, brakes etc and the capacity cannot exceed 251cc, most racers use a yz250 motorcross conrod which means that they rev to 9500rpm almost double the standard bike, the points can't cope at those revs so a pvl kart ignition is used, the head and barrels have had the fins shaved for lightness, most races see a grid of 35-40 bikes per meeting, imagine them all going into the first corner on the first lap, total fucking carnage!, now then, where did i put ammo's phone number....................................?

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