another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 6 June 2009

yeah, i know, the police do a great job, i can't fault them , but what really bugs me is when they waste money flying the helicopter over my favourite roads, speed cameras, [tax collectors!] and general harrasement of bikers, you don't really need to persecute us for small number plates, [they just look cooler], black visors, [hey, no different from some idiot car driver with sunglasses], or loud pipes, [cos loud pipes save lives!], we just like to ride our bikes man, ok, you are always going to get idiots who ruin it for everone else, overtaking on double white's, 70 in a 30 limit and pulling wheelies outside the local offy, but do you really have to hand-paint that van to look like a builders tranny and park it at parkhall at the top of the via-gellia?

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